Procedural Crumbling in AE

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As you may know at Video Copilot we like to do things procedurally when possible like in the Shatterize and Disintegration tutorials.  Recently I’ve been working on an all-new technique to procedurally carve words into a wall as the pieces crumble away using just After Effects and a few dust elements from our Action Essentials 2 product.

The results are getting better but the technique is quite interesting, first the wall begins to crack followed by pieces falling out of the words, then  it is mixed with dust elements and particles.

This method is great for creating disaster movie fx too, I’m planning the tutorial so stay tuned!

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  1. Is there anything called saturation limit with Video Copliot ?

  2. AMAZING! your team and separately you, the best!

  3. Awesome! Can’t wait for the tutorial!

  4. you know andrew… and the whole video copilot team ALWAYS reminds me of why i am in love with doing vfx……i just wanna say thanx for that……and one more thing…….I LOVE VFX AND I LOVE VIDEO COPILOT!!! :D

  5. cool…nice work dude…

  6. well actually…….i feel that its the same vfx field isn’t it? so for that if you take some help from 3ds max or do a complete tutorial ON 3ds max…..i dont think anythings wrong in it….and also the whole point for video copilot is to share knowledge about vfx…..(excluding all the money you guys make from it andrew….. ;) ) so yeah….. thats all…. :)

  7. looking forward to the tutorial!

  8. Sweet Jesus!