NEW TUTORIAL: Galactic Orb

Posted by on Feb 14, 2011 in Blog | 8 comments


Look! Up in the Sky. It’s a Bird. It’s a plane.  No, it’s a Galactic Orb!

In this exciting new tutorial we will build a compelling infinite zoom animation inside After Effects with only built-in Plug-ins. We’ll start by building the orb using real-life textures and then animate a camera through 3D particles. Timing is everything and you don’t want to miss this full-feature tutorial, complete with a video introduction!

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  1. You are amazing

  2. The BEST gift for Valentine’s Day !!Thanks again!

  3. Hi Andrew, Awesome tutorial man!
    Can you add a download option to the video ?
    I don’t have the Internet all the time and I want to watch your tuts offline, I appreciate your work, thank you and take care.

  4. hey how are you andrew karamer and this toutrial is very great toutrial it cool i download this iand i used this toutrial in one tv comrecial .
    i have a question ?
    wehre are you from andrew and where do you live and in where you study visual effexts

  5. To Infinity and Beyond Galactic Orb of After Effects.

  6. Thanks for another great tutorial.

  7. Nice tutorial Andrew, it’s really a great yet simple technique. But is that a new VCP plugin I see called Particle Displace? That sounds awesome, does it displace Particle World particles? Because I remember you mentioning using turbulent displace if you don’t have Particular which has displacement settings.

  8. Good to know that some truths still stand. 2 orbs > 1 orb and curves > levels. Gotta love it.