2D to Stereo-3D Conversion

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Wow, I just found this great article at FX Guide on the state of 2D-S3D conversions. The articles points out some interesting facts about the necessity of this process, even for movies shot in stereo because certain shots can’t be done physically. It also points out how the tech has improved and the different tools and methods.

One thing is clear, there is no magic software for converting and  rotoscoping is essential.

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  1. What do you think of 3D though Andrew?
    Do you think it’s a breakthrough in film, like a lot of people?
    Or a pretty pointless gimmick like most of the people I know? (;

  2. Thanks for the news but could you please tell me which software is used for those film?

  3. True, stereo requires roto.

    But stereo is altogether a different ball game.

    Another interesting link more about stereo cinematography

    And a person who is pretty good with sereo camera rigs:

  4. Coooool, Thanks for sharing

  5. wow…………..mind blowing ………

  6. Cheers AK, ages ago you made a post about moving into some Stereo 3D tutorials. Will you be following up with these anytime soon? Looking forward to them!

  7. Amazing. Keep us posted on updates!

  8. Wow, fantastic AK!! :D